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Important Notice

Jisc is bringing its customer-facing teams, including Jisc Legal, together in house in order to provide you with a more joined-up, focussed service. A nominated account manager, backed by a team of subject experts (including legal experts) will provide you with a fully-managed relationship, ensuring that you benefit from the full Jisc offer.

Although we still welcome enquiries for training, after 1 January such training will be organised and delivered by Jisc's Customer Services (, or call 0203 006 6077)

What we do

Jisc Legal Plus delivers practical, relevant, in-house training in ICT law.  Our competitively-priced staff development packages are designed to bring you and your team up to speed with the digital age.

We aim to meet the growing demand for professional in-house training on ICT law issues, including copyright, data protection and e-safety.  Our training service has been built upon our decade's worth of experience in providing up-to-date legal guidance - no one else offers our unique blend of services and expertise.  

Who we are

We've earned a reputation for being a source of accessible, jargon-free information. Our team of expert trainers specialise in communicating key legal concepts to a lay audience. We understand the real life relevancy of ICT law and have created workshops that will help you to make confident, informed decisions in your workplace. Find out more about our team.

Who we train

We deliver in-house workshops to a range of professionals, including managers, administrators, ICT staff, lecturers, researchers, librarians and compliance officers.  If you or your team need to keep up-to-date on ICT law as part of your role, then you’ll benefit from our training.  If you think your CPD Officer would be interested in our service, then please direct them to our website.  

How we train

We deliver presentations, interactive workshops and remote training via webinars.  We cater to a range of learning styles and utilise the latest multi-media technologies.  We believe that learning should be enjoyable and take place in a relaxed, stimulating atmosphere.


Use the enquiry form to contact us, or give us a call on 0141 548 4939.  If you have a training need in JISC Legal's area, but not included in our menu currently, please let us know.



Photo of general training presentation

Staff Development Packages 2014-2015

Our on-site staff development packages can be delivered as presentations (large groups), interactive workshops (smaller groups) or online via webinars.  

Our key staff development themes are FOI, copyright, data protection and e-safety (please note that we can also offer customised training packages to meet your specific needs).  

For further information, please use our enquiry form, email us at, or give us a call on 0141 548 4939.

Confidence in Compliance series 

  • Using Other People’s Stuff Online: Copyright Law for Lecturers & Tutors in the Digital Age
  • Confidence in Data Protection at Your Institution: A Practical Guide
  • IT Law for IT Staff: Confidence in Compliance for IT Professionals

The above staff development packages are available as: 
2 x 2½ hour interactive workshops in one day for up to 30 participants in each (£1100+VAT)
1 x 2½ hour interactive workshop for up to 30 participants (£800+VAT)

Need to Know series

  • Using Other People’s Stuff Online: What You Need to Know about Copyright Law
  • Getting to Know Your Copyright Licences: What You Need to Know
  • Data Protection for Frontline Staff: What You Need to Know
  • I-Spy - Interception and Monitoring Law for IT Staff: What You Need to Know
  • E-Safety, Safeguarding and the Law: What You Need to Know
  • Freedom of Information Law: What You Need to Know
  • IT Law for Frontline IT Staff: What You Need to Know
  • IT Law for Research: What You Need to Know

The above staff development packages are available as:
3 x 1 hour workshops for up to 100 participants in each (£900+VAT)
2 x 1 hour workshops for up to 100 participants in each (£700+VAT)
Online: 1 hour interactive webinar for up to 40 persons (£250+VAT)



Jisc Legal has now closed, and this website is now archived.

Technology and the law support is now provided by Jisc.  Contact, or call 0203 006 6077.