e-Safety remains an area of importance in FE and HE today.  Institutions have both legal and statutory duties to safeguard the welfare of all learners when making use of ICT.  There are a variety of legal issues to consider within the e-safety context, including; cyberbullying, harassment, defamation, hosting liability and data protection.  Safeguarding also forms an influential part of the inspection process.  Recent changes to Ofsted's Inspection Framework in England, mean that safeguarding is no longer a limiting grade for colleges, however, it is still part of the overall judgement and grade for leadership and management.  View our e-safety guidance and resources for further information. 

e-Safety and the Law for Work Based Learning (31 December 2014)

This Q and A provides an overview of e-safety and how it applies in a variety of scenarios relevant to work based learning (WBL) providers.

Social Media and the Law Top Tips (18 February 2014)

Jisc Legal's Top Tips for managing the legal aspects of social media use effectively.

Social Media for Staff Legal Checklist (18 February 2014)
A short reference guide for universities, colleges and learning providers to ensure risks are recognised and managed appropriately, while clarifying for staff what the boundaries are.
Social Media for Staff Policy Template (10 February 2014)

This template is to help learning providers consider relevant issues, make decisions (according to their own risk appetite) on how social media use will be implemented and regulated, and to write a social media policy that is fit for their purpose.

Facing up to Facebook: A Guide for FE and HE (02 October 2013)

In this guide, you’ll find summaries of the key legal considerations of using Facebook in an FE and HE context.

Interception and Monitoring Law Essentials (24 September 2013)
A direct, point by point guide on interception and monitoring law and its application to Further and Higher Education (FE and HE). 
Interception and Monitoring Law Overview (20 September 2013)
An examination of the current law surrounding the rights, obligations and liabilities of a college or university with regard to interception and monitoring of communications on or using its computer systems. 
Law and ICT in Your College (16 May 2013)

This guidance is intended for staff in further education and independent specialist colleges that provide education or training for both adult and younger learners with varying learning needs.

Risk, Liability and Mobile Devices (1 May 2013)
This paper provides a quick reference for managers as to the main legal risks which need to be assessed against your institution’s risk strategy before opening your institution’s ICT system to mobile access by staff and students using their own devices.
Your Students, Mobile Devices, Law and Liability (1 May 2013)
This paper focuses on the legal issues surrounding student mobile use.
e-Safety and Vulnerable Learners in HE (3 April 2013)
This Jisc Legal video discusses the relevant legal duties that universities have when working with vulnerable learners.
e-Safety Toolkit (4 February 2013)

Provide staff with essential guidance to raise e-safety awareness and encourage effective practice.

Pinterest, Image Sharing Websites and the Law (5 December 2012)
This guidance is intended for staff in colleges and universities considering using image sharing social networks such as Pinterest in teaching and learning.
Mobile Technologies and the Law Overview (19 November 2012)
This paper considers the legal issues likely to arise from the use of mobile devices by colleges and universities. It is relevant for staff with responsibility for planning and managing the introduction and use of mobile technologies in their institution and for lecturers, researchers and support staff using or supporting the use of mobile technologies.
e-Safety Policy Template (02 November 2012)
This template is intended as a guide to help colleges write an effective e-safety policy that reflects their unique college community and context.
e-Safety Top Ten Tips (30 October 2012)
These top tips serve as a quick reminder of the main areas to be addressed in meeting your e-safety duty.
e-Safety Policy Checklist (30 October 2012)
A checklist of questions for institutions to consider when updating or framing an e-safety policy.
Law and ICT for Vulnerable Learners in FE (30 July 2012)
This guidance is intended for staff in UK FE colleges whose provision includes further education or training for vulnerable learners with varying needs including disability issues.
Mobile Technologies and the Law Webcast (14 March 2012)
Our Mobile Technologies and the Law webcast (streamed live on 14 March 2012) can now be accessed in captioned, bite-sized segments.  
Legal Use of Mobile Technologies: A Checklist for Colleges and Universities (14 March 2012)

Whatever the mobile technology use, there are legal issues to consider from the outset of your project and this is a checklist of the main areas to consider in your planning process.

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e-Safety Newslinks

Social Media Prosecution Guidelines Set Out
Prosecutors in Scotland have set out new guidelines as to whether messages posted on social media should be treated as a crime. 

Compulsory Disclosure of Minor Spent Convictions Breaches Human Rights, Rules Supreme Court

The UK's highest appellate court found that forced disclosure of all spent convictions, including cautions, under the Enhanced Criminal Record Certificate breaches Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights.

Tweets Result in Jail Sentence

The posting of abusive tweets has resulted in an eight week jail sentence and a criminal record.

Keeping Young Learners Safe in Education - Guidance

All school and college staff have a responsibility to provide a safe environment in which people can learn.

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