e-Learning can be defined as 'learning facilitated and supported through the use of information and communications technology'. It can cover a spectrum of activities from the use of technology to support learning as part of a 'blended' approach (a combination of traditional and e-learning approaches), to learning that is delivered entirely online. Whatever the technology, however, learning is the vital element.

JISC Legal provides legal guidance for those developing, delivering and managing e-Learning materials.

Legal Checklist for Universities Comparing MOOC Platform Providers (13 August 2014)
This template is designed to assist those in universities (and other education providers) deciding between MOOC platform providers to compare the legal aspects of the choice
Questions and Answers - Copyright Changes 2014
This document is a collection of the questions asked by delegates to the Jisc Legal Copyright Changes Online Masterclass.
Copyright Changes Webcast Recordings (18 June 2014)
The recording, transcripts and slides are now available.
Copyright Law Essentials (16 June 2014)
This Copyright Law Essentials document provides a summary of copyright and its relevance to the work of UK colleges, universities and other supported learning providers
Copyright Law Overview (12 June 2014)

This 'Overview' paper describes copyright law and its relevance and application to the use of ICT in UK FE and HE.

Intellectual Property Law Overview (6 June 2014)

This 'Overview' paper outlines intellectual property law and its relevance to the use of ICT in the UK tertiary education sector.

Intellectual Property Law Essentials (3 June 2014)
This Intellectual Property Law Essentials guide provides a simplified summary of intellectual property law and its relevance to the work of UK colleges and universities.
Copyright Changes 'Need-to-Know' Video (29 May 2014)
This video will give a quick run through of the changes and why they matter, concentrating on real, day-to-day teaching and learning scenarios.
Copyright Changes Online Masterclass (21 May 2014)
This interactive webcast is aimed at copyright officers, library staff, learning support staff and all others with a particular interest in copyright.
Helping You With The 2014 Copyright Changes
Subject to parliamentary approval, on 1 June the UK will see copyright law amendments improving the situation for colleges, universities and other learning providers. In order to make best use of these provisions, Jisc Legal is offering online events and training.
MOOCs – Your Legal Questions Answered (31 March 2014)

This guidance is for staff in universities and further education colleges involved in developing Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), and considers the legal issues focussing particularly on the intellectual property rights and data protection issues.

3D Digitisation and Intellectual Property Rights Video (12 March 2014)
Jisc Legal has produced a short video 3D Digitisation and Intellectual Property Rights which focuses on the intellectual property rights that may require consideration when embarking upon 3D digitisation projects.
Social Media and the Law Top Tips (18 February 2014)

Jisc Legal's Top Tips for managing the legal aspects of social media use effectively.

Social Media for Staff Legal Checklist (18 February 2014)
A short reference guide for universities, colleges and learning providers to ensure risks are recognised and managed appropriately, while clarifying for staff what the boundaries are.
Social Media for Staff Policy Template (10 February 2014)

This template is to help learning providers consider relevant issues, make decisions (according to their own risk appetite) on how social media use will be implemented and regulated, and to write a social media policy that is fit for their purpose.

3D Digitisation and Intellectual Property Rights (17 January 2014)
This guidance is intended to assist 3D digitisation projects with intellectual property rights issues, including copyright, design rights, moral rights, trade marks and patents.
Copyright Law for e-Learning Authors (16 October 2013)

Guidance for e-learning authors on copyright infringement, defences and licences.

Facing up to Facebook: A Guide for FE and HE (02 October 2013)

In this guide, you’ll find summaries of the key legal considerations of using Facebook in an FE and HE context.

Intellectual Property Law Essentials (2 October 2013)

A simplified step-by-step guide to intellectual property law for UK colleges and universities.

Strategic Management of IPR for OER in UK HE (12 August 2013)

This paper is written in the context of the JISC and Higher Education Academy Open Educational Resources Programme (Phase 2), and aims to address some of the background issues regarding management of intellectual property rights (IPR) in UK universities.

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e-Learning Newslinks

New Copyright Exceptions Come Into Force
New copyright exceptions for quotation, parody, caricature and pastiche and personal copying for private use come into force today.

Licensing of Orphan Works

Guidance has been produced by the IPO to assist potential applicants when searching for right holders to obtain permission to reproduce an orphan work.

ECJ Rules that Libraries may Digitise Books for Dedicated Terminals
The ECJ has made it clear that educational institutions may digitise lawfully held works in order to make them available to the public on “dedicated terminals".

Jisc Legal Sponsors Jisc RSC Northern Mobile Technologies Award

Jisc Legal was delighted to sponsor the Mobile Technologies Award at Jisc RSC Northern e-Learning Awards.

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