e-Research refers to the development of, and the support for, information and computing technologies to facilitate all phases of research processes.  It is concerned with technologies that support all the processes involved in research including creating and sustaining research collaborations and discovering, analysing, processing, publishing, storing and sharing research data and information. Typical technologies in this domain include: virtual research environments, grid computing, visualisation services, and text and data mining services.

The use of these new technologies will inevitably carry with them many legal responsibilities and implications. All the areas of law covered by the Jisc Legal service are relevant e.g. Intellectual property rights and protection of research subjects' personal data should be considered if sharing findings with other research groups. Public access rights to information under the Freedom of Information and disability legislation should be thought through when working with groups funded by various sources. Data security and the vulnerability to malicious attack via the technologies will increase as the systems become larger and more dispersed. For further information on all of these legal issues, please use the Legal Areas menu on the menu bar above to access Jisc Legal materials. 

Jisc Legal has now closed, and this website is now archived.

Technology and the law support is now provided by Jisc.  Contact customerservices@jisc.ac.uk, or call 0203 006 6077.

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Research Newslinks

Social Media Prosecution Guidelines Set Out
Prosecutors in Scotland have set out new guidelines as to whether messages posted on social media should be treated as a crime. 

Music Bodies Challenge Private Copying Exception

UK music bodies challenge the Government's implementation of the Copyright and Rights in Performance (Personal Copies for Private Use) Regulations 2014. 

College Lecturers New Copyright Training

Jisc Legal has produced "Copyright Training for College Lecturers” an online copyright law course that assists college lecturers understand how to use other people’s materials in teaching and learning.

New TPMs Complaints Process Launched

New complaints process could benefit universities seeking to use a copyright exception but are prevented by TPMs.  

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