The term “e-repository” is used to describe various methods for capturing and preserving the intellectual output of the educational community. The structure of an e-repository is based on the information stored in it and the specific informational service offered by it.  In this section JISC Legal provides guidance on the legal aspects of repositories.


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Repositories Newslinks

Orphan Copyright Works Licensing Scheme Launched

Getting permission to copy a creative work for which the right holder(s) cannot be found.

Licensing of Orphan Works

Guidance has been produced by the IPO to assist potential applicants when searching for right holders to obtain permission to reproduce an orphan work.

ECJ Rules that Libraries may Digitise Books for Dedicated Terminals
The ECJ has made it clear that educational institutions may digitise lawfully held works in order to make them available to the public on “dedicated terminals".

ERA Publishes New Single Licence Tariff
Tariff applies to new single ERA Licences issued from 1 August 2014.  

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