The term “e-repository” is used to describe various methods for capturing and preserving the intellectual output of the educational community. The structure of an e-repository is based on the information stored in it and the specific informational service offered by it.  In this section JISC Legal provides guidance on the legal aspects of repositories.


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Repositories Newslinks

ERA Publishes New Single Licence Tariff
Tariff applies to new single ERA Licences issued from 1 August 2014.  

European Opinion Suggests University Can Digitise via 'Dedicated Terminals'

A preliminary opinion from the ECJ's Advocate General suggests digitising and making books available via dedicated terminals may be permitted under Article 5 of the Copyright Directive, but user copying is a step too far.

Government Publishes Response to Orphan Works Consultation

Government publishes its response to the consultation on implementing a domestic orphan works licensing scheme and the EU Directive on certain permitted uses of orphan works.

Scottish Council on Archives Retention Schedules Survey

The Scottish Council on Archives would like to hear views from colleges and universities who have used or attempted to use their records retention schedules.

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