External Engagement (Business and Community Engagement)

chrome balls on chrome baseBusiness and Community engagement is all about further and higher education institutions making their knowledge and expertise available to the business and wider social communities. This can also be referred to as 'Third Stream' activity or Knowledge Transfer. Of course, Business and Community Engagement is a two way street- whilst the community benefits from the institution's knowledge and expertise, the institution benefits from the experience of engaging with the business or social community in practice. Introductory information on knowledge exchange is available on the Patent Office website at: http://www.ipo.gov.uk/research.htm.




Mergers, Technology and the Law (3 September 2014)
This guidance is intended for institutions that are considering, or are perhaps in the process of, merging with one or more colleges or universities to form a single institution.
Business and Community Engagement - Legal Issues – An Overview (18 October 2013)

This briefing gives an overview of some of the legal issues which may arise in relation to the use of technology by UK further and higher education establishments in their Business and Community Engagement ("BCE") activities.

Software Licensing and Commercial Activities (20 September 2013)

One of the benefits of being a college or university is that you can generally obtain software at reduced rates on an academic licence. This however may have implications when carrying out your Business and Community Engagement ("BCE") activities.

ACL and WBL Providers, Copyright and Education (30 August 2013)
For those working in Adult and Community Learning (ACL) or organisations providing Work Based Learning (WBL), the position on copyright may be different from that in colleges and universities.
Sharing IT Services and the Law (11 July 2012)
This is a legal guide for mergers, outsourcing and partnership working focusing on contract, data protection, ownership and freedom of information law.
Employer Engagement - BCE (4 July 2012)

This briefing paper looks at the legal issues that further and higher education institutions may face in employer engagement as part of their Business and Community Engagement ("BCE") activities.

Delivering Lifelong Learning - BCE (4 July 2012)
This briefing tackles the legal issues that further and higher education institutions may face when delivering lifelong learning as part of their Business and Community Engagement ("BCE") activities.
Wider Community Engagement - BCE (4 July 2012)

This briefing gives an overview of some of the legal issues which institutions can face when carrying out cultural and public engagement activities as part of their Business and Community Engagement ("BCE") activities.

Personal Data and Consent Management: A Briefing Paper (16 November 2011)

This guidance is designed to help institutions deal with consent management when sharing personal data across and between institutions and external service providers.

Business & Community Engagement: Prepare to Engage (18 August 2011)

This newly updated guide provides information on the intellectual property issues for FE and HE staff working in areas related to BCE, external engagement and knowledge transfer.

10 Year Anniversary: Top Ten Tips (21 October 2010)

These Top Ten Tips were created to celebrate JISC Legal's 10th anniversary, all the while looking forward to the challenges UK FE and HE will face in the next ten years.

BCE: e-Marketing: The Legal Issues (3 March 2010)

Fifth part of JISC Legal series on Business and Community Engagement (BCE). We discuss marketing of products or services that are produced from a BCE arrangement. We consider compliance with the Data Protection Act and the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations.  

BCE: Keeping Confidential (3 March 2010)

Fourth part in JISC Legal series on Business and Community Engagement (BCE). This video provides an introduction to the handling of confidential information and the potential impact of Freedom of Information legislation on disclosure of external information held by an institution. Guidance is provided on how confidential agreements can be reached by institutions through specific clauses. We conclude with a summary of recommendations.

BCE: Using Intellectual Property Together (3 March 2010)

Third part in JISC Legal series on Business and Community Engagement (BCE). In this video we explore the implications and possible limitations of using existing licenced materials. We provide guidance on setting licence terms for works created. We conclude with a recap of relevant considerations and best practices. 

BCE: Creating Intellectual Property Together: Who Owns What? (3 March 2010)

Second part of JISC Legal series on Business and Community Engagement (BCE). We focus on ownership of works created, provide guidance on employee, student and third party generation of works, consider issues related to joint ownership of intellectual property. Finally we highlight the importance of negotiating agreements early in the collaboration process. 

BCE: Data Sharing and Research (3 March 2010)

The first part of our series on Business and Community Engagement (BCE). This video covers the legal implications of data sharing and research, the application of the Data Protection Act and the application of Freedom of Information legislation. 

BCE – How to Play Fair – A User Guide (4 December 2009)

This document will assist those dealing with State Aid issues in the context of BCE activities.

Providing Funds for Business and Community Engagement (4 December 2009)

This guidance will assist the UK funding bodies when dealing with State Aid issues in the context of BCE.

Competition and State Aid – What is the law? – BCE (4 December 2009)

This guidance document is intended to provide relevant personnel within further and higher education institutions with an introduction to State Aid law and clarify some of the issues which such institutions may face when collaborating with, or providing services to, the private sector.

JISC Legal Business and Community Engagement Study - BCE (2 October 2007)

Report on the use of Publicly-funded Infrastructure, Services and Intellectual Property.

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Janet Cloud Services

Helping research and education institutions move to cloud and data centre services through guidance.  

OER Teaching Resource - Production Flow Diagram

This flowchart highlights steps to follow and relevant permissions required when seeking to release non public material in SCOOTER, an OER. 

Freedom of Information Top Tips

Information Commissioner publishes top tips on freedom of information for public authority communications professionals.

Using Collaborative Online Tools for Business & Community Engagement infoKit

This infoKit from JISC infoNet examines the use of collaborative online tools to support the interactions between further and higher education and its business and community partners.

University of Glasgow Easy Access IP

The University of Glasgow's 'Easy Access IP' and 'Commercial Deals' aim to transfer University-generated IP to the private sector.  For more information, please see: http://www.gla.ac.uk/businessandindustry/technology/.


Interface connects Scottish businesses with universities and research institutions in Scotland, encouraging companies to use academic support in solving their business challenges.  More information can be found at: http://www.interface-online.org.uk/3.

JISC Techdis Acumen Project

Acumen is a resource developed by the JISC BCE project and JISC Techdis, which provides raccessible and easy to use free tools and information sources on the use of ICT in business, designed to enhance existing and new projects and partnerships. Acumen also showcases the potential for Higher/Further Education and business interaction using web technologies.

Intangible Assets Network

This website, which is maintained by the Intellectual Property Office provides guidance on intangible assets and how to manage these assets and create value from them - http://www.ipo.gov.uk/ian.htm.

Equality Act 2010 - A Summary Guide for Public Sector Organisations

Guidance for public sector organisationsaims to make current equality law more consistent, clearer and easier to follow in order to make society fairer.

Eversheds' Intellectual Property Workbook - A Researcher’s Guide

This IP Workbook, from Eversheds LLP solicitors, contains practical examples, questions and scenarios on a range of commercially related topics with an intellectual property (IP) dimension.

JISC BCE YouTube Channel

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JISC Advance BCE ProgrammeJISC Advance's BCE Programme:

This site highlights BCE activities across the JISC community:


JISC infoNet

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External Engagement Newslinks

ICO Warns Employees Stealing Personal Information is a Crime

The ICO recently warned employees that the removal of personal information of their employer when they change employment constitutes a criminal offence.

ECJ Rules on State Aid and Software Licensing

The European Court of Justice has rejected claims raised by a Dutch software provider, Sarc, that the European Commission had mishandled its complaint about a software licensing deal between a rival company.  

Trade Secrets and Confidential Business Information

A proposed new directive is intended to ensure that confidential information is adequately protected EU wide.

New Regulation for Collecting Societies Comes into Force

The Copyright (Regulation of Relevant Licensing Bodies) Regulations 2014 came into force on the 6 April 2014.

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