Transfer and Use of Bibliographic Records: Guidance on Legal Issues

Bibliographic records play an important role for institutional libraries, enabling users to find, locate and gain access to resources and enabling institutions to manage their stock and circulation. The digitally networked world, Web 2.0 and shared services open up new possibilities for the transfer and aggregation of bibliographic records, eg making records visible to Google, and cataloguing services such as ‡ What are the legal implications for libraries of these new sorts of activities?

You can use this website to clarify and advance your understanding of what you are entitled to do with the bibliographic records which you hold within your institutional library catalogue. It is based around 5 steps which will take you through the process of conducting a compliance audit. Conducting regular compliance audits is essentially a form of risk management - a systematic process of identifying, analysing and responding to risk to your institution. For more information see about this resource.

The Basics

Some helpful background information and use cases


Step 1. What you do with your records

Do you know what activities you undertake with your bibliographic records?
Can you explain it clearly and consistently to other parties?

Step 2. Your contractual relationships

Do you know which suppliers you have existing contractual relationships with for the supply of bibliographic records?
Do you know what sort of licence clauses may impose restrictions on your institutions activities?

Step 3. Auditing your compliance

Do you know whether your current and planned activities are permissable within the terms of your supplier licences?

Step 4. Responding to risk

Managing the risk to your institution by addressing non-compliance and issues raised by the audit
Negotiating future contracts which best meet your requirements

Step 5. Regular auditing

Maintaining the compliance audit as an important institutional resource to support ongoing risk management and service optimisation

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This website "Transfer and Use of Bibliographic Records: Guidance in a Legal Issues" has been developed by Curtis+Cartwright Consulting Ltd in partnership with Ms Naomi Korn. It is the output of a project funded by JISC under the Information Environment Programme 2009-11. The contents of this website are for information purposes and guidance only. They do not constitute legal advice.