December 2014 No 102 Welcome to the Final Jisc Legal Newsletter

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Jisc Legal Monthly Newsletter: 
December 2014

Legal Guidance for ICT Use in Education, Research and External Engagement


Welcome to the December 2014 Jisc Legal Monthly Newsletter (No 102), as we close the service after 15 years.


We're going out on a high, with four training packages:


  *   Copyright Training for University Lecturers<>,

  *   Copyright Training for College Lecturers<>

  *   Data Protection for University Staff<> and

  *   Data Protection for College Staff<>.


With two copyright guides for students:



And, for the Skills sector:



Goodbye, and Thanks


The staff at Jisc Legal thank all those who have used and contributed to the service over the past decade-and-a-half.  We've taken a lot of reward and satisfaction in doing so, and we stand proud of our achievements.


We would like to acknowledge the fantastic support of our host, the University of Strathclyde, and support of Jisc in funding and promoting the service.  But most of all, we give a huge thanks to the engaged and engaging sectors we have served.


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