EU Legislative Framework on Orphan Works Develops

The EU Parliament’s negotiating team has voted in favour of reforming copyright legislation in order to make available ‘orphan works’ in on-line archives.  The European Commission, European Parliament and Council of Ministers have reached agreement on a new EU Directive on orphan works.  The Directive has still to be formally approved by the Parliament and Council, however, this is due to happen shortly.  As a result, public libraries and museums will not need to wait for the term on orphan works to expire before they can digitally archive the material.  The legislation would allow institutions to digitise works, if following a ‘diligent’ search, the rightsholder could not be identified or located.  Such a change in the law would enable the use of archive material that would previously not have been permitted to be used because of doubt about ownership.  More details on this news story are available on the Outlaw website. 

Posted on 08/06/2012

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