Newspaper Licence Terms Judged Reasonable

The fees to be paid by users of media monitoring services to access online newspaper content have been established following a Copyright Tribunal ruling that the terms were ‘'reasonable'’.

The Tribunal decision relates to the licensing terms agreed by Meltwater and the Newspaper Licensing Agency (NLA) following last year’s Court of Appeal ruling that subscribers to the online news aggregator Meltwater who receive content that is “scraped” (ie. copied) from newspaper websites according to their preferences require a licence from the NLA or the publishers to avoid infringing copyright.  The story reported by will be of interest to colleges and universities who are receiving news content through commercial media monitoring organisations.  Details of the NLA and Meltwater decision are available in JISC Legal’s Law Watch item.  The circumstances in which colleges and universities are likely to require a licence to use online newspaper content are clarified in JISC Legal’s FAQ.

Posted on 24/05/2012

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