Mobile Technologies and the Law Webcast (14 March 2012, Online)

'Crisis College Causes Mobile Mayhem – USB Stick and Mobile Phone containing personal information on students left at bus stop.'

Similar headlines have appeared in recent years with increasing frequency reflecting the rise in use of mobile devices.


This webcast from JISC Legal is aimed at staff in colleges and universities with responsibility for planning and managing the introduction and use of mobile technologies in their institution. It is also of relevance to lecturers, researchers and support staff using or supporting the use mobile technologies in the workplace.  

Certain legal issues arise in relation to such mobile use, including:

  • Privacy and security – do learners have a right to opt-out?  How can location data be used lawfully?  What level of privacy must be ensured?  What are the consequences of losing personal data?
  • Identity management and authenticity - how can these work legally?

  • Accessibility – what are the legal obligations?

  • e-Safety and young learners - what are the institutions duties?

  • Loss of information – a real issue for learner or research work?

  • Liability - how can acceptable use be defined?  How must the institution deal with unacceptable behaviour?

  • Copyright - what are the consequences of allowing off-site access to e-resources?

This webcast will highlight good legal practice for institutions across these areas of concern, allowing colleges and universities to go forward with an awareness of the legal risks, and being confident in compliance.  It will provide an opportunity to hear at first hand how colleges and universities are currently using mobile technologies and the legal compliance issues which arise in such use, and JISC Legal specialists will be on hand to respond to your questions and comments.

A draft programme is available on the JISC Legal website at -

Posted on 06/02/2012

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