OER - Legal Matters - Webcast (05/11/2009)

Thursday, 5 November 2009 - 2pm to 4pm

This webcast aimed to highlight and clarify relevant legal issues pertaining to the creation and dissemination of Open Educational Resources. We offered a combination of presentations and question and answer sessions with a view to providing practical and helpful guidance for institutions involved in OER work. Presenters included Naomi Korn, one of JISC's IP consultants, who discussed Creative Commons licences and their application to OER projects. Although the webcast was primarily focused towards OER pilot projects that are part of the open educational resources programme, supported by JISC and The Higher Education Academy, it might also be of interest to programme managers, lecturers, tutors and support staff interested in copyright and OER production and distribution.

The full recorded webcast  is available.

Downloadable Segments

1. Introducing the webcast format, and the relevant law - Jackie Milne, JISC Legal

2. Employment and IPR - Lynn McHugh, JISC Legal

3. Myths, risks and third party works - John X Kelly, JISC Legal

4. Exceptions to copyright law and obtaining permissions - Jason Miles-Campbell, JISC Legal

5. Some viewers' questions answered - Jason Miles-Campbell + A round up of the issues - Jackie Milne, JISC Legal

6. JORUM licences and terms of use - Nicola Siminson, Jorum

7. Use of Creative Commons for licensing output - Naomi Korn, Naomi Korn Copyright Consultancy

8. Some frequently asked Creative Commons questions - Naomi Korn, Naomi Korn Copyright Consultancy

9. OER in practice - Anna Howell, Educational Technologist at the University of Exeter

10. Viewers' questions answered - The JISC Legal Team


 Segments Available on YouTube

1. Introducing the webcast format and the relevant law- Jackie Milne, JISC Legal

























2. Employment and IPR- Lynn McHugh, JISC Legal 

5. Some viewer's questions answered and summary- Jason Miles-Campbell and Jackie Milne, JISC Legal

10. Viewer's questions answered- JISC Legal Team

Posted on 05/11/2009

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