Hosting Liability (previously referred to as ISP Liability)

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Providing computers and internet access to students and staff means that responsibility for what they do online can, in certain circumstances, rest with the institution. JISC Legal provides a range of guidance including the Hosting Liability Overview paper which considers the extent to which FE or HE institutions are responsible for content which is made available on their computer systems.


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Hosting Liability Newslinks

Online News Publishers Can be Held Responsible for Defamation
The ECJ has confirmed that online news publishers can be held responsible for defamatory comments made on their website regardless of their business model.

ECJ Rules that Libraries may Digitise Books for Dedicated Terminals
The ECJ has made it clear that educational institutions may digitise lawfully held works in order to make them available to the public on “dedicated terminals".

Tweets Result in Jail Sentence

The posting of abusive tweets has resulted in an eight week jail sentence and a criminal record.

Minister to be Questioned on Copyright Changes

Minister will be questioned next week on the forthcoming changes to copyright.

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