Hosting Liability (previously referred to as ISP Liability)

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Providing computers and internet access to students and staff means that responsibility for what they do online can, in certain circumstances, rest with the institution. JISC Legal provides a range of guidance including the Hosting Liability Overview paper which considers the extent to which FE or HE institutions are responsible for content which is made available on their computer systems.


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Hosting Liability Newslinks

Keeping Young Learners Safe in Education - Guidance

All school and college staff have a responsibility to provide a safe environment in which people can learn.

Updated Model Contract Terms for Government IT Procurement

The Government has issued  new standard contract terms that  public bodies can use when procuring IT or business processing services from third parties.

On Film – 3D Digitisation and Intellectual Property Rights

Jisc Legal has produced a short video on 3D Digitisation and Intellectual Property Rights which examines the IPR issues when embarking upon 3D digitisation projects,

Updated Privacy Impact Assessments Code of Practice

This code of practice will help institutions to comply with their data protection obligations and meet individuals’ expectations of privacy.

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