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The Freedom of Information Act 2000 (FOIA) gives a right of access to information held by 'public authorities'. Most UK colleges and universities are public authorities. The FOIA covers all records and information held by a public authority, whether digital or print, current or archived. 


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FOI Court Evidence Can Be Given in Secret
The Court of Appeal has ruled that, where appropriate, a public authority's evidence can be given in private, without the applicant or his/her legal representative present.

Court of Appeal Rules on FOI Request Format
A recent decision means that a requestor can specify the particular software format in which electronic information should be provided under FOI.

FOI Guidance on Charging Fees

ICO publishes guidance on the fees that may be charged when the cost of complying with an FOI request exceeds the appropriate limit.

Trade Secrets and Confidential Business Information

A proposed new directive is intended to ensure that confidential information is adequately protected EU wide.

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