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Social Media Prosecution Guidelines Set Out
Prosecutors in Scotland have set out new guidelines as to whether messages posted on social media should be treated as a crime.  (05/12/14)

Hotel Booking Firm Fined Over Data Breach

Worldview Limited recently fined £7,500 by ICO for failing to appropriately secure personal data.  


ICO Warns Employees Stealing Personal Information is a Crime

The ICO recently warned employees that the removal of personal information of their employer when they change employment constitutes a criminal offence.


Compulsory Disclosure of Minor Spent Convictions Breaches Human Rights, Rules Supreme Court

The UK's highest appellate court found that forced disclosure of all spent convictions, including cautions, under the Enhanced Criminal Record Certificate breaches Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights.


Tweets Result in Jail Sentence

The posting of abusive tweets has resulted in an eight week jail sentence and a criminal record.


Keeping Young Learners Safe in Education - Guidance

All school and college staff have a responsibility to provide a safe environment in which people can learn.


New Bodies Subject to FOISA

As of today more bodies in Scotland will be subject to the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002.


Updated Model Contract Terms for Government IT Procurement

The Government has issued  new standard contract terms that  public bodies can use when procuring IT or business processing services from third parties.


Updated Privacy Impact Assessments Code of Practice

This code of practice will help institutions to comply with their data protection obligations and meet individuals’ expectations of privacy.


Court of Appeal Rules on Meaning of Personal Data

The Court of Appeal held that a name is personal data unless it is so common that without further information, such as use in a work context, a person would remain unidentifiable despite its disclosure. 


Master Social Media - New Checklist and Top Tips

As part of our ongoing commitment to the use of social media within the sector we can confirm that our Social Media for Staff Legal Guidance and Social Media Guidance documents are now published and available from our website.  


New Weapon Against Enforced Subject Access

It will soon be a criminal offence to require someone to make a subject access request and reveal the result.


Personal Information, Anonymity, Legal Proceedings and FOI Clarified

The Information Tribunal has upheld a public authority’s reliance on the personal information exemption. 


Independent Code Review - Call for Evidence

A review of the self-regulatory process for the UK's Collective Management Organisations and their compliance with the British Copyright Council's Principles.


ICO Outlines New Draft Complaint Handling Procedure

The ICO is reviewing its approach in dealing with complaints.


UUK Report on Cyber Security and Institutions

This report focuses on the challenges institutions face from unauthorised attempts to access digital information.  


Defamation Act to Come into Force on 1 January 2014

Changes to UK defamation laws will take effect from January 2014.  


Personal Data and Freedom of Information

The Scottish Information Commissioner decides that Glasgow University was right to withhold personal data.


Teacher Struck Off After Inapproriate Facebook Comments

A teacher has been banned from teaching after engaging in inappropriate and sexually explicit conversations with a pupil via social networking website Facebook.


New Social Media Guidance Coming Soon!
Jisc Legal's new checklist, and policy template for staff working in FE and HE, will be available early December. (25/10/13)

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