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Keeping Young Learners Safe in Education - Guidance

All school and college staff have a responsibility to provide a safe environment in which people can learn.


Updated Model Contract Terms for Government IT Procurement

The Government has issued  new standard contract terms that  public bodies can use when procuring IT or business processing services from third parties.


£200,000 Fine for Data Protection Breach

A charity received a monetary penalty notice of £200,000 from the ICO after a serious breach of the Data Protection Act.


Clarity Required over Outsourced FOI Information

Contracts agreed between public sector bodies and their suppliers should be more transparent with regards to which one of them holds the information for the purposes of FOI, says the ICO.  


Updated Privacy Impact Assessments Code of Practice

This code of practice will help institutions to comply with their data protection obligations and meet individuals’ expectations of privacy.


Court of Appeal Rules on Meaning of Personal Data

The Court of Appeal held that a name is personal data unless it is so common that without further information, such as use in a work context, a person would remain unidentifiable despite its disclosure. 


Master Social Media - New Checklist and Top Tips

As part of our ongoing commitment to the use of social media within the sector we can confirm that our Social Media for Staff Legal Guidance and Social Media Guidance documents are now published and available from our website.  


New Weapon Against Enforced Subject Access

It will soon be a criminal offence to require someone to make a subject access request and reveal the result.


New Social Media for Staff Policy Template

This Jisc Legal template will assist learning providers make decisions on how social media will be implemented and regulated, and to write a social media policy that is fit for purpose.


Personal Information, Anonymity, Legal Proceedings and FOI Clarified

The Information Tribunal has upheld a public authority’s reliance on the personal information exemption. 


Safe Harbour False Compliance Claims

Twelve US businesses have been found to have falsely claimed compliance with the Safe Harbour data protection provisions.


Websites and User-Generated Defamatory Comments - Guidance

Ministry of Justice guidance details how a website operator can use the new Defamation Act 2013 defence in relation to user-generated content.


ICO Outlines New Draft Complaint Handling Procedure

The ICO is reviewing its approach in dealing with complaints.


New Privacy in Mobile Apps Guidance This guidance from the ICO highlights the data protection issues to consider in developing apps but also highlights the privacy considerations for app users. (19/12/13)
Safe Harbour Under Fire in New Report
The EU Commission has issued 13 recommendations to improve the Safe Harbour scheme and has requested the US authorities to respond by summer 2014 with their proposals for implementation. (12/12/13)

UUK Report on Cyber Security and Institutions

This report focuses on the challenges institutions face from unauthorised attempts to access digital information.  


New Guidance for HE in Handling External Speakers

This guidance from Universities UK provides a framework for institutions to review and improve their own procedures when inviting external speakers to their university.


Personal Data and Freedom of Information

The Scottish Information Commissioner decides that Glasgow University was right to withhold personal data.


Whatever Your Recipe for Tracking - Cookie Law May Apply
The ICO has confirmed that organisations using new technological measures designed as an alternative to ‘cookies’ but which nevertheless track internet users online activity will be subject to the same UK privacy laws. (04/11/13)

Loss of Unencrypted Memory Stick Results in £80,000 Monetary Penalty
A council received a monetary penalty of £80,000 from ICO following the loss of an unencrypted memory stick containing sensitive personal information of hundreds of children with special educational needs. (31/10/13)

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