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Trade Secrets and Confidential Business Information

A proposed new directive is intended to ensure that confidential information is adequately protected EU wide.

(Posted on 10/04/14)
New Regulation for Collecting Societies Comes into Force

The Copyright (Regulation of Relevant Licensing Bodies) Regulations 2014 came into force on the 6 April 2014.

(Posted on 08/04/14)
Keeping Young Learners Safe in Education - Guidance

All school and college staff have a responsibility to provide a safe environment in which people can learn.

(Posted on 03/04/14)
New Bodies Subject to FOISA

As of today more bodies in Scotland will be subject to the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002.

(Posted on 01/04/14)
EU Directive Collective Rights Management

The EU Directive on the collective management of copyright and multi-territorial licensing of online music has been published in the Official Journal of the European Union.  

(Posted on 31/03/14)
Copyright Education Exceptions to be Changed

Changes to education relevant copyright law to come into force on 1 June 2014.

(Posted on 27/03/14)
MOOCs and Intellectual Property - Avoiding Disputes

Times Higher Education article outlines possible IP policy approaches to what happens to MOOC learning materials when the creator moves institution.

(Posted on 19/03/14)
Further Delay to Changes to UK Copyright Law

The Government has confirmed that it is doubtful that changes to copyright law will be introduced at the beginning of April 2014.  

(Posted on 14/03/14)
Updated Model Contract Terms for Government IT Procurement

The Government has issued  new standard contract terms that  public bodies can use when procuring IT or business processing services from third parties.

(Posted on 14/03/14)
On Film – 3D Digitisation and Intellectual Property Rights

Jisc Legal has produced a short video on 3D Digitisation and Intellectual Property Rights which examines the IPR issues when embarking upon 3D digitisation projects,

(Posted on 12/03/14)
£200,000 Fine for Data Protection Breach

A charity received a monetary penalty notice of £200,000 from the ICO after a serious breach of the Data Protection Act.

(Posted on 10/03/14)
Clarity Required over Outsourced FOI Information

Contracts agreed between public sector bodies and their suppliers should be more transparent with regards to which one of them holds the information for the purposes of FOI, says the ICO.  

(Posted on 07/03/14)
Update on Progress of Exceptions to Copyright

As of today the Government has provided an update on the progress of the new exceptions to copyright regulations.

(Posted on 07/03/14)
New Copyright Guidance on Digital Images and the Internet

This IPO guidance provides help in understanding the copyright issues in uploading images and in using images found on-line.

(Posted on 05/03/14)
Updated Privacy Impact Assessments Code of Practice

This code of practice will help institutions to comply with their data protection obligations and meet individuals’ expectations of privacy.

(Posted on 26/02/14)
Court of Appeal Rules on Meaning of Personal Data

The Court of Appeal held that a name is personal data unless it is so common that without further information, such as use in a work context, a person would remain unidentifiable despite its disclosure. 

(Posted on 21/02/14)
Master Social Media - New Checklist and Top Tips

As part of our ongoing commitment to the use of social media within the sector we can confirm that our Social Media for Staff Legal Guidance and Social Media Guidance documents are now published and available from our website.  

(Posted on 18/02/14)
New Weapon Against Enforced Subject Access

It will soon be a criminal offence to require someone to make a subject access request and reveal the result.

(Posted on 17/02/14)
European Court Decides on Hyperlinking
The European Court of Justice has ruled that hyperlinking to a copyright protected work does not infringe communication right where the rightsholder has made the work freely available on another website. (Posted on 13/02/14)
New Social Media for Staff Policy Template

This Jisc Legal template will assist learning providers make decisions on how social media will be implemented and regulated, and to write a social media policy that is fit for purpose.

(Posted on 10/02/14)
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