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Note: Please note that we are funded to serve the UK tertiary education sector.

If you are a student please feel free to use our online resources. However should you have a legal query which relates to the use by your institution of information technology it is suggested that, in the first instance, you liaise with your tutor or another contact at your institution.

Companies and Individuals:
For those companies and individuals who are connected with the tertiary education sector we will endeavour, subject to available resources, to respond to your legal query if it relates to the use of information technology by FE or HE institutions.

Dispute Resolution:
Those who are currently involved in a dispute within the higher or further education sectors may want to be aware of the Improving Dispute Resolution Advisory Service (IDRAS), a not-for-profit organisation which aims to provide independent support for all those involved in such disputes, and to help them seek early and effective resolutions. For more information refer to our Dispute Resolution page or to the IDRAS website at


You may find the answer to your enquiry on our Frequently Asked Questions page.

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