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Who We Were

Jisc Legal, a Jisc service, worked to ensure that legal issues did not become a barrier to the adoption and use of new information and communications technologies in further education, higher education and specialist colleges.  It was funded by Jisc and was hosted by the University of Strathclyde, a charitable body, registered in Scotland, with registration number SC015263. 

Former staff include:

Mission Statement

The use of IT in FE and HE raises many legal issues, and institutions must have awareness of compliance issues, and associated legal risk. Jisc Legal's primary function is to ensure that legal compliance and legal issues are not, and do not become, obstacles to the use of IT by FE and HE.

Jisc Legal broadens the awareness of the issues and explains the implications of IT law by making available current legal information to those working in UK FE and HE and in particular those working in Information Services.

'Information Services' includes those involved in Central Services, IT Services, Library Services, Media Services and those using information technology for educational purposes in general. Examples include system administrators, web managers, media services content and design staff, educational technologists, librarians responsible for legal issues such as copyright, Records Managers and Legal Compliance officers.

However Jisc Legal is here to help all staff whatever their job title, academic discipline or grade.

Jisc Legal encourages staff to be proactive with regard to the often-complex legal issues from an early/planning stage of any new or existing initiative or project.

It must be emphasised that Jisc Legal cannot give professional legal advice, we are not a firm of solicitors and any material provided is for informative purposes only. However it can save institutions time and money, if only in ensuring staff are fully briefed.

The Service in no way intrudes upon institutional autonomy and works closely with relevant FE and HE organisations.

Principal Aims of Jisc Legal

1. To disseminate information and to raise awareness of the legal issues relating to the use of information technology particularly with reference to the following:

  • Data Protection
  • Intellectual Property Rights
  • Human Rights
  • Freedom of Information
  • Disability and The Law
  • E-Security (Monitoring and Encryption)
  • Cyber-crime and Criminal Liability
  • ISP (Internet Service Provider) Liability

2. To follow relevant court cases and legislative developments within the United Kingdom (and where relevant internationally) and examine the effect such developments may have on the sector.

3. To co-ordinate and liaise with FE and HE organisations, relevant regulatory bodies, projects and studies in areas related to the remit of the service.

The Service will meet these aims by carrying out:

  • Generic research
  • Maintaining an up-to-date website including Overviews, FAQs, News, Events and Useful Links
  • Operating an enquiry service by email, fax, telephone and post
  • Operating and contributing to email discussion groups
  • Holding, sponsoring or presenting at a series of workshops, both national and regional, throughout the course of the year and across the UK
  • Commissioning briefing papers and other content both for the website and in print by lawyers, academics and practitioners
  • Working with other parts of Jisc - in particular through the Jisc Regional Support Centres (RSCs), other relevant Advisory and Content Services, Programmes and Projects


The Service is based within the Information Services Directorate at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland.

We work with many other organisations; for example law firms and sector organisations such as Universities UK, the Association of Colleges, Association of Scottish Colleges, HEFCE, ANIC, HEIDS, SFEU and the Sixth Form Colleges' Forum. We also work with individuals, lawyers, academics and users.


Information about using Jisc Legal logos can be found here.

Feedback & Contact

The Service is heavily influenced by the degree of feedback it receives from those to whom it seeks to provide assistance. We very much welcome your views as to issues of concern that you believe should be dealt with by Jisc Legal, and comments on or corrections to the content of our web pages. Please contact us by email at feedback@jisclegal.ac.uk or via the contact details above.

For the Enquiry Service, please also contact us by email at info@jisclegal.ac.uk or via the contact details above.

Disclaimer and Terms of Use of Jisc Legal

We wish to remind you of the clear distinction between supplying information related to the law and legal developments and the provision of professional legal services. The material contained on this website and the documents which we publish are general comment only and the reader should not act in any way on the basis of the information without seeking where necessary appropriate professional advice concerning their own individual circumstances.

The materials on this site have been prepared by Jisc Legal for informational purposes only and are not, nor are they intended to be, legal advice. This information is not intended to constitute, and receipt of it does not constitute a contract for legal advice or the establishment of a solicitor-client relationship.

Jisc Legal, its project partners, and any third party contributors to the Jisc Legal website, assume no responsibility for, and disclaim all liability (including responsibility for any action or inaction taken) to the fullest extent permitted by law in respect of:

   1. Information contained on this website;
   2. The content of any sites, directly or indirectly, linking to or linked from any pages on this website ("the Links");
   3. Information contributed by third parties to the website, including without limitation, any mail discussion groups listed on this website; and
   4. Information provided by Jisc Legal in response to direct enquiries from Internet subscribers, on-line readers, or any other third party.

Please advise us if you consider any of the links to be inappropriate, illegal or offensive.

Jisc Legal does not monitor, edit, moderate or, in any other manner, control the information in any mailing list listed on this website. Please advise us if you consider any such information to be inappropriate, illegal or offensive. Jisc Legal reserves the right to remove any information already posted in any Jisc Legal mailing list.

Information relates to circumstances prevailing at the date of its original publication and may not have been updated to reflect subsequent developments.

In all matters relating to this website, the applicable law shall be the law of Scotland. Internet subscribers, on-line readers and users of any service offered by Jisc Legal agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Scottish Courts in any dispute or other action in relation to the Service.


Jisc Legal has now closed, and this website is now archived.

Technology and the law support is now provided by Jisc.  Contact customerservices@jisc.ac.uk, or call 0203 006 6077.

JISC Legal Promotional Video

This video is part of series produced by JISC Advance and highlights the services provided to the FE sector by JISC Legal.

 In addition to the promotional video, a brochure was also produced by JISC.  It is accessible here.


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